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Merkaba Mandala Meditation Medallion

Merkaba Mandala Meditation Disk

     "The mystical side of Judaism has always been focused on the development of spiritual practices that carry us to ever expanded states of awareness."
— Rabbi David A. Cooper, from "God is a Verb - Kabbalah and the Practice of Mystical Judaism"

     The Merkaba Mandala is associated with the traditional practice of Ecstatic Kabbalah, established by Abraham Abdulafia known for his contemplative methods for reaching transcendent states of awareness in order to gain God consciousness. As with Abdulafia's technique, "which was to sit in a quiet, darkened room, gazing at letters of the Hebrew alphabet," individuals seeking spiritual clarity sit and contemplate the illuminated Merkaba Mandala. Rabbi Cooper also states that, "The process of putting a high priority on raising our consciousness and that of the world is called the work of the chariot." This phrase is attributed to the mystical experiences of the Old Testament prophet Ezekiel.

During his vision Ezekiel described various images that are embodied by the Merkaba Mandala. "Divine radiance and fire" are represented by the candle light and flame. The "wheels moving within wheels" are represented by the counter rotational orientation of the inner circuits that comprise the hexagram. Ezekiel's description of the wheels, "as having the form of crystal" and "a translucence that indicates that they are capable of refracting light," is represented by the acrylic medallion.

     Warren Wayne states that "Ezekiel's vision is part of a pattern of development and and demonstrates the importance of personal knowledge and experience in the continuing evolution of both individuals and civilizations." To that end, the Merkaba Mandala embodies the wisdom imparted by Ezekiel's vision and is a gift to those that desire to embrace the "Work of the Chariot".

You may purchase an Acrylic Merkaba Mandala Meditation Medallion or photographic prints of the Medallion from this site.
Acrylic Meditation Medallion
8 x 10" High Gloss Print
- Unframed
8 x 10" High Gloss Print
- Framed
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